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We can proudly invite you to our resort, because we have very convenient factors which are favourable and those are naturally gifted to practice Ayurveda.

  1. Gorgeous morning: In India we have belief is that the whole activities on a day depend on the basis of the first sight. If so your first sight will be the natural beauty, of greenery and the mighty Arabian Sea. Thus the day will be gracious and gorgeous.
  2. Hill N Sea view is exactly at Kovalam, “so we have the heritage of Kovalam”.
  3. Hill N Sea view locate on a small hill just behind the eves beach and light house beach.
  4. Thus 1oo% pure Oxygen :- Since we are on the top, the wind flows from the Arabian sea immediately touching thousands of palm trees form a naturally filtered Air hitting directly to our resort.
  5. Free from sound pollution: – though we have two approach roads in front and back side of the resort. We have carefully planned to construct the guest rooms and the amenities away from the motor able road.
  6. Wide range of Sea view: – We have two oceans, one is about 25 nautical km of wide range of sea view (Arabian Sea) and the second one is thousands of palm trees Form Ocean of greenery.
  7. Since there is no block in front of our resort, sea view as well as bird watching specially in the evenings along with the sunset view is the unique of Hill N Sea view.
  8. Kindly view our Ayurveda Centre that is the traditional architecture form of construction for the ayurveda. You cannot
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